Katharina Wunderlich


Höhenflug oder warum weinen

Dance theatre piece for children that traveled by 

Mexico, Guatemala and Sibiria

(by order of Goethe-Institute of Mexico; promoted by the national performance net, NPN)      

Paradies 2.0

Performance with choreographers, dancers, performers and artists from the arabic space and  europe.

Idea by Beate Höhn, Arne Forke, Peter Wendl



Theatre Dance Production with live Music, promoted by the Bezirksamt Berlin Schöneberg 

Choreography/Dance : Katharina Wunderlich

Music/Performance : Caroline Wunderlich



Written &  produced by Caroline Wunderlich and Frederik Hochmut

Choreography/Dance : Katharina Wunderlich

Video : Aidan Jara, Daniel Goede

Editing: Aidan Jara

Caroline Wunderlich

Katharina Wunderlich

Tempertunes - Trailer Innerwise - Divine Cross

Concept : Uwe Albrecht innerwise.com
Music : Tempertunes - Caroline Wunderlich
Animation : Minghao Xu Source aligned

Balance Moods


Music written by Caroline Wunderlich - tempertunes

Professor Murkes streng geheimes Lexikon...


Audio book

Text/ Illustration : Andrea Schomburg& Dorothee

Music : Tempertunes - Caroline Wunderlich & Frederik Hochmuth

Räum deinen Kopf nicht auf

Das Musikvideo entstand zum Projekt "Gemeinsam Verschieden" mit Schüler*Innen der Paul-und-Charlotte-Kniese-Schule Berlin.
Choreographie : Katharina Wunderlich

Komposition : Caroline Wunderlich & Frederik Hochmuth


Dance Theatre Production in Cooperation with Laura Heinecke und Company and Fabrik Potsdam.

Choreography : Katharina Wunderlich, Miranda Markgraf, Laura Heinecke

Music : tempertunes - Caroline Wunderlich

Winter - Tori Amos cover


performed by Caroline Wunderlich & Elisabeth Riesel

Aidan Jara



Editing of several VJing sequences extracts, shot and performed in different spaces by Aidan Jara.

Music : "Witchcraft" by La Femme.

Träumen ohne grenzen / dreaming with no borders

the music video


co- created Caroline Wunderlich (music), Katharina Wunderlich (choreography), Aidan Jara (video) and Mariana Morais (social worker).


This video clip is the result of a 3 month workshop with children from ruschestrasse refugee center and Paul und charlotte kniese School. A documentary is in preparation.

Vengo de Guisando


Documentary co-created by Aidan Jara, w/ Eva Alonso, Alain Munier, Fabien Husselin.

Juan Jara was born in Guisando (Spain). He moved to France when he was 18 to escape from the Franquism. All his life, he dreamed about coming back to his village.

Traumen ohne grenzen / dreaming with no borders

the making of by Aidan Jara